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Feeling unsure of how to support your staff? We can help!


Support the Support (STS) can help you with services specific to your workplace needs. We have worked with national organisations in tailor making specific clinical supervision, staff training as well as debriefing services. To find out more about how we can work together please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Incident Debriefing and EAP Services 

STS provide national Incident Debriefing as well as EAP Services. We work with organisations from various industries such as Health Professionals, Youth Specific Organisations, Sporting Organisations, Disability Sectors, Child Care Facilities, Corporate Companies and Recruitment Agencies just to name a few.

Clinical Supervision

Supervision, as a formal practice of insight, provides a platform for workers to better understand their reactions to adolescent clients, their families and environment, and to avoid burnout by addressing signs of hopelessness or vicarious anxieties (Youth Action & Policy Association NSW, 2007). The astuteness and independent reasoning required of youth workers benefits from regular supervision, to assist in examining why decisions are being made and how interactions affect both the client and worker (Bunston, 1997).

Staff Training

STS deliver psycho-educational workshops to staffing groups based on the needs of the organisations. Our workshops are focused on equipping your team with the best skills to perform in their role and may encompass topics such as performance psychology, dealing with distressed clients/customers, dealing with trauma and mental health in the workplace.